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Bob Takvorian

Bob Takvorian

concepts / production
Originator Bob Takvorian. The success of Slam World USA is due to the creativity of all the young guys that I worked with to turn some crazy ideas into realities. "Young People Rule!"
Bill Young

Bill Young

Bill Young does childrens books, comic books, caricatures, line drawings, portraits, landscape & still life paintings, just about anything!
Bill's site
Marc Ceccarossi

Marc Philip Ceccarossi

story write
Marc Philip Ceccarossi is a resident of the North Shore of Massachusetts and a lifelong fan of science fiction and fantasy literature. His favorite superhero is Spider-Man and his favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back. He carries his interests into the Slammer Adventure stories.
Marc can be contacted at
Chris Antreasian

Christopher Antreasian

web desigin/development
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